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Why I don't like Mac's

February 4, 2008 17:21 by ckincincy

Late January I read this article

My first job had a heavy Mac involvement so I am very familiar with the Apple system.  Have used 7.x all the way up to 10.x, I've seen the insides of some of their old systems... to the insides of some of their new notebooks.  But the article above is exactly why I don't care for Apple.  It is basically a giant hardware dongle... its a piece of software you can't (though with some hacking you can...) use with hardware other then what they provide.  Then try to fix a hardware problem... man those boxes are sealed TIGHT.  

I like my PC, I like that if a hard drive dies I can easily open up any of my three notebooks or two desktops and replace them.  I like that I am not forced to risk breaking my computer tearing it open or send it to a place (with all my important information on it) to have hardware failures fixed.  Plus I am out of my box for the time it takes to turn around.

XP is a great OS... Vista isn't as bad as people want to make it.  I remember when XP came out and people trashed it... people don't like change, Vista is change.  And once SP2 comes out it will be just as good and stable as XP... but I guess by then we'll have yet another operating system :-D

But one day I do see me buying a Mac... the fact that it is so tightly integrated with itself means that the user experience is great for things such as creating movies.  So I'd buy one, but it wouldn't be my primary machine... just my multimedia machine. 

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