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A bug in WP7

November 13, 2010 21:54 by ckincincy

So it didn’t take me long, but I found my first bug in the Windows Phone 7 operating system.

It is a simple bug to reproduce.  It comes down to programming pauses and such into a contacts phone number.  Lets say you work at XYZ LLC.  Who’s number is 555-555-1212.  You program your coworker, Charlie’s number in as follows: 555-555-1212,2,222.  What this number will do is dial the main number pauses, hits “2” for entering an extension, pauses, and then enters the extension.

So now you have those two contacts.  Now somebody calls you from the office, which comes through as 555-555-1212.  You’d expect for it to display a call coming from XYZ, LLC.  However what happens is you are told the call comes from “Charlie” because he comes up first in the list. 

I’d hope the caller ID could be fixed to do an exact match search before it does the partial match search.


November 13. 2010 22:41

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topsy.com |

November 21. 2010 00:53


When you entered, 555-555-1212,2,222 for the Contacts phone number and dialed it.  Did it actually pause?

I'm in a situation where I have 555-555-1313,,,2 and it seems to dial the 2 immediately after the phone number and *then* it pauses (and no 2 follows after the pause is done).

I've verified it indeed is pausing, as you can't actually end the call until the delay has occurred, ie. it seems each "comma" is 3sec delay.  So if you make a call and it has ,,,9 and you hit end at the beginning of the call, it will actually wait 9 seconds until it will actually end the call. (if ,,9 then only 6 seconds, and ,9 - 3sec and so on)

So does this actually work for you?

John Amalag |

November 21. 2010 08:53

Yes it does pause for me.

ckincincy |

November 21. 2010 09:44

I took a look at this more this morning, based on your comment that it works for you.  So I tried different variations, ie. multiple pauses as you had in your example, to see if on the other end it was being registered as a single number or distinct numbers separated by pauses.

It seems that it infact is adding the pause and the numbers are recognized as distinct numbers. ie 555-555-5555,,3,,,,9,,,,7  are recognized as 3,9,7 respectively and not 397.

The weird thing which is probably what was confusing me last night was that when you dial it seems to dial 555-555-5555 and then 3,9,7 right away, and then you just hear a long pause the whole time, but you never hear a 3,9,7 being dialed during/after the pause.

Is this the same case with you?  Does the entire number just dial (so you hear all numbers dialed at the start), and you don't actually hear the numbers after the pause being dialed?  (the rest after the initial dial you hear no numbers being dialed, just a long pause)

Thanks alot for the confirmations!

John Amalag |

November 21. 2010 19:23

That is correct.  The dialing is "silent".. don't hear a thing.

ckincincy |

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