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October 19, 2008 19:48 by ckincincy

I've done some odd things in life, but this may be the oddest!  However, I am proud to say, "I AM A PC".

Unless you've been living in a cave you have seen the ads by Microsoft. Many different kinds of people stating how they are a PC, this ad campaign is certainly in retaliation to the Mac vs. PC ad campaign. 

A buddy of mine and I go out to lunch pretty much daily (as he is a co-worker, and fellow programmer).  He was talking about his Halloween costume, dressing up as the PC guy.  And the topic of custom plates came up due to one of the owners of the company we working for recently getting a custom plate of his own.  We determined that when we got back to the office we were going to see if personalized tags were available.  Sure enough we found a few variations of the tag line that we could register.  Since it was his idea I gave him the choice of the primary one "I AM A PC" or a secondary one "IM A PC 2".  He graciously let me have the primary one, and he registered the other.  So here we are with our custom plates!

Here this week we are going to take a photo of both of us side by side and send it into Microsoft's ad campaign.



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October 20. 2008 21:21

That's great!  Way better than my little "I'm a PC" tag!

Chris |

January 16. 2009 14:14

You might be a PC, but you voted for McCain/Palin?  Ouch!

Matt |

January 16. 2009 14:59

Yep, can't dig the socialism.  I like keeping my hard earned money Wink

ckincincy |

January 19. 2009 19:30

I've been engineering software for 15 years.  Pleeease let me know where you work that pays you 250k/year?  They can go ahead and take 40% of it! Tong

Pinder |

January 19. 2009 20:06

Keep saying that.  Come 2010 the government will have no choice but raise taxes on folks like me.  2 Trillion in government bailouts has to be paid by everybody, not just the 'rich'.

ckincincy |

January 23. 2009 23:34

Dick Morris has an interesting article in TheHill that pretty much outlines our wonderful future under Obama...


Chris |

March 29. 2009 19:02

That is cool, and slightly disturbing.

And no, I'm not talking about the political stickers.

Michael C. Neel |

August 7. 2010 10:19

@Pinder, kind of a long lost comment from you... but one that I remember.  So, you still convinced that only those making 250K will have their taxes raised?

ckincincy |

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