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Gabe, I'm done.

March 18, 2016 13:30 by ckincincy

Hey Gabe,
You don't know me.  You may never meet me in spite of me being a huge Microsoft supporter.  I'll be at the build conference in a few weeks and the ignite conference in September. 

I have supported Microsoft devices for a while now in spite of getting beat down in the end.  When it comes to phones I have 3 teenagers and they all have cell phones, my fourth child is on the verge of getting his very own phone.  I never let them (or my wife) get an Android phone or an iPhone because I wanted to support the mother ship (as I call Microsoft).

Surface RT -> Support dropped almost immediately.
Surface Pro 3 -> Have one for work, was a sales pitch to get me hired.  Now several people have those or SP4 in the company.
SurfaceBook -> Yep, I have one... expensive model too. 
Windows Phone 7 -> Several models (I have teenagers and a wife, never would buy them Droid or Apple phones).  Updates to 7.0 -> 7.1 -> 7.5 went mostly smooth though I did have to use some of the hacks out there to get it timely.  Then came 7.8.. you just left many models in the dust (I used the hack app available at the time to upgrade, but not everybody is me).  Then you dropped that phone because you revamped with 8.0 and I mostly understood, hardware took a big turn and the 7.x models really could not support the new OS.
Windows Phone 8 -> Again, several models.  By this point all of my teens have their own phone and so does my wife.  Actually loved it, bought some HTC models and such and then bought a lot of Nokia models when they came out (920/925/1020/1520) and loved those.  Then came the work toward Windows 10.. so app developers dropped like flies.  Lost the Chase app which I loved using.  Didn't get other apps that others would get on Droid or iOS.    Looked forward to those phones (as they are all plenty spec heavy) getting Windows 10 and FINALLY getting apps... then yesterday happen.

For Microsoft to again screw my wallet I am done.  I told my wife this morning, when you're ready for a new phone.. you get what you want.  Be it an iPhone or a Samsung (I'll still point her to the best model to get).  She won't choose the Windows phone on her own, why would she.. so she can't get more apps?  As I upgrade the rest of the phones in my house I'm sure my children will pick iPhones and that is what they'll get.  I'm done being a sucker for Microsoft.  I wanted Windows Mobile to succeed (even got my employer to buy me a Windows phone.. I'm one of two people in the whole fortune 500 company with a Windows phone supplied by the company, eveybody else has an iPhone).

As I was fuming about this I wondered, what could Microsoft do?  Through the years I've heard of Microsoft paying companies to develop apps for their phone.  How about you give back to your loyal customers... give away phones to those loyal customers and keep them.  I won't buy another Windows phone at this point.  No need to, even Microsoft develops apps for iOS and Android before they do Windows Phone. 

One frustrated customer,



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