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Don’t Judge Me… I bought an iPhone

March 12, 2009 18:31 by ckincincy

Its true, Mr. I AM A PC license plate bought an iPhone.  However its become obvious that there can be a biased review on this product.  So I’ll make a series of post reviewing what I love and hate about this phone.  However step one is something that I think everybody needs to know about the iPhone.  How to protect your investment.

An iPhone is a pretty big investment for a phone.  I figure mine has a 50% chance of making it through my two year contract.  So when I went to my local AT&T store to buy my phone I first inquired about insurance for the phone.  The sales person tried to sell me the ‘Apple Care Program’.  So I asked if this would cover if I dropped the phone and the glass cracked, he said no.  Then I asked if AT&T sold anything that would protect it, and he again said no.  He then tried to tell me that Apple will replace it if you go to the store, but I took that with skepticism.

I went to my local Apple store and asked them and they confirmed my skepticism.  While imagethere are exceptions to be found on the internet, the corporate policy of Apple is that only manufacturing defects are to be replaced.  So the Apple Care Program was not worth the money they wanted for it. 

However while at the Apple store I bought an incase wrapper for the phone.  It is a rubber case that allows the iPhone absorb a fall a bit more.  It cost $30 but for me that is well  worth it when the phone cost $399. 



100_0150 Then if you are interested you can buy a cover for the glass that protects your screen from scratches.   Some of these are like 2 for $10.  However years ago I learned a little secret.  You can go to your local craft store and buy a roll of vinyl for next to nothing.  I bought a role of this vinyl which could likely be cut into 20 covers for 56 cent.  In my local store I found the vinyl cover next to all the cloth that you can have but to size.  It is on the same roles as those fabrics. 

Finally I had to resolve the insurance issue.  After a search on the web I found two options.  The first being a rider on my home owners insurance.  I looked into it, asking the following two questions:

1. What is the cost?
2. Is it a chargeable claim?  Basically if I make a claim will it hurt my rates on my home owners insurance. 

The cost was cheap.  $10 per year.  However it was a chargeable claim, so not something I was willing to do.

image Then I found SquareTrade.com   For $96 I got a two year insurance plan with a $50 deductible.  This is a must have for any iPhone owner.  It has a 30 day window in which you can’t make a claim, so take care of your phone for that first month.

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Steve Jobs

January 26, 2009 00:00 by ckincincy

Steve Jobs “Why don’t you guys leave me alone -- why is this important?”

What an ignorant statement from Steve Jobs.  32,000 employee’s world wide are reliant on Apple.  Apple’s identity has been tied to Steve Jobs, even more so than Microsoft and Bill Gates.  He built that relation in identity, then he wonders why people are concerned?

How about because the stock of Apple has already fallen 57% over the past year? 

Mr. Jobs, you matter to the health and well being of Apple.  Don’t act surprised when people ask.

Here is another good article on the topic.

On a personal note, I hope for the best for his health. 

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Why I don't like Mac's

February 4, 2008 17:21 by ckincincy

Late January I read this article

My first job had a heavy Mac involvement so I am very familiar with the Apple system.  Have used 7.x all the way up to 10.x, I've seen the insides of some of their old systems... to the insides of some of their new notebooks.  But the article above is exactly why I don't care for Apple.  It is basically a giant hardware dongle... its a piece of software you can't (though with some hacking you can...) use with hardware other then what they provide.  Then try to fix a hardware problem... man those boxes are sealed TIGHT.  

I like my PC, I like that if a hard drive dies I can easily open up any of my three notebooks or two desktops and replace them.  I like that I am not forced to risk breaking my computer tearing it open or send it to a place (with all my important information on it) to have hardware failures fixed.  Plus I am out of my box for the time it takes to turn around.

XP is a great OS... Vista isn't as bad as people want to make it.  I remember when XP came out and people trashed it... people don't like change, Vista is change.  And once SP2 comes out it will be just as good and stable as XP... but I guess by then we'll have yet another operating system :-D

But one day I do see me buying a Mac... the fact that it is so tightly integrated with itself means that the user experience is great for things such as creating movies.  So I'd buy one, but it wouldn't be my primary machine... just my multimedia machine. 

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Apple should stick to their own stuff

November 24, 2007 19:24 by ckincincy

So I was told of a bug with this blog engine and Safari on a MAC, so I figured I'd go get the latest version of Safari for Windows and see if it is a problem for me as well... so what happens when I try to start Safari?


Guys at Apple, stick to what you know!
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