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Why do you visit my site??

September 2, 2008 03:00 by ckincincy

So looking at my stats I see I get a lot of visitors from my site.  Many more than I am aware of (and I'm aware of enough...).  But did you know you can save yourself some time and still get to read my blog?  There are two ways, one more technical than the other. 

1. Get emailed my post.  Everyday about 7AM there is a service I use that will email you the previous day's post. Its that easy.  Just click this link and fill out the information.  You'll start getting the post tomorrow.

2. RSS Feeds.  This is a bit technical in nature, but there are programs out there that will allow you to follow any site that supports RSS (like this one, or any podcast, or virtually any blog).  If you fall into this category (ie you read several blogs contact me and I'll walk you through the process. Just ask my buddy Brian Richard about how much time it saves you to use an RSS reader. Now one added benefit to this in regard to my site is that not only can you get notified of the new post, but also the comments on each post.  My two RSS feeds are:

Post Feed.
Comment Feed.

So as you can see there is really no need for you to come to my site most of the time.  The only time you need to come is when you want to read the comments (if you choose option 1) or when you want to make a comment.

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