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Microsoft and Yahoo

February 4, 2008 17:12 by ckincincy

The big news is that Microosft has offered to buy Yahoo!  But Google isn't happy.... says it would be unfair if they combined.  Here is the problem with this, in this arena Microsoft isn't the big bad bully... Google is.  Microsoft and Yahoo just don't compete with Google in search.

My personal take is that the merger is a big yawn.  I rarely use Yahoo.  I use Live search when I remember to, kind of a dog food thing... M$ has provided me a generous life style with their products, so hard to be against it.  But what makes Google hard to compete with is its integration... I keep waiting for a LiveSearch tool bar for my firefox browswer and I'd certainly install it over my Google toolbar, but its just a habit of mine to goto that area of my browser to make a search.

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