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Now an ISV

May 31, 2012 21:52 by ckincincy

Effective June 1st I am an Independent Software Vendor.

The journey to this started in 2000.  I was a hard working factory man who was presented with an opportunity to work for a friend at Jetsoft Development.  This friend had a suite of software products that he sold as well as a few large contracts with large scanner manufactures.  He needed somebody that wanted to learn, but wasn’t afraid to do the basics for  a while. 

I worked at Jetsoft for six years, going from that entry level role to a full fledged software developer.  Now the owner of Jetsoft was, and is, a personal friend. So we stayed in contact and talked about business at times.  He hasn’t done a lot with his retail products in recent years and was considering what to do with them. 

The market for his products is shrinking, but the question is if it is dead.  Today I start that journey to find out!  I am now co-owner of ScanHelp.com.  My co-owner is Rob Lindley, a long time friend who I also got hired at Jetsoft. 

We have a lot of work cut out for us, but we are MUCH better developers than we were several years back when we coded much of the features in the products we have bought.

The website needs a MAJOR refresh and the products need some life put in them.  I won’t get rich off this adventure, but in many ways it is not about the money.  I have a chance to take the last 12 years of learning and put it into the products that shaped me as a developer.  It is a lot like going back home. 

If you find yourself in the need to scan a lot of documents or pictures, reach out to us at ScanHelp.com and see if one of our products can help you out!

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