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Dear Jasmine

November 19, 2009 10:37 by ckincincy

Dear Jasmine,

November 19, 2009 is a day I may never forget.  I don’t understand what happened over the last six days, where you went from being the fifth Klopfstein child to being a foster child all over again.

I have great confidence that one day you will read this.  The world is getting smaller and finding me won’t be hard. I know you’ll look when you get older.

At 11:50 AM my phone rang from the number ‘513’.  I knew that was CPS, I knew they were calling for one of two reasons.  To either give us another hoop to jump through to get our girl back or to tell us you weren’t coming back.  As you certainly know, you never came back.  I want you to know that we fought hard for you.  We completely disagree with what the system has done to you and to be honest I know that even some in the system do not agree with what has taken place. 

I want you to know that regardless of what happens to you over the next 8 to 10 years of your life, you were wanted.  We wanted you to be a Klopfstein and you will be dearly missed.  We had dreams for you, and I hope those dreams are still with you.

I will never forget you and I hope you will never forget me.  You were my daughter and I hurt knowing the pain you WILL go through over the next few weeks and months.  I pray that one day the system finds you not only a home, but a family.  I’m deeply saddened that we will be celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas without you here. 

You have certainly been told a watered down version of what happened over the past six days, and I’m sure much has been rationalized away.  But please know, I love you and miss you greatly.  You were removed for fears of what ‘may’ happen as you got older, I am broken because of what I know will happen to you as a result of this.

Whenever you find this, please feel free to contact me.  Tell me how your doing.  I pray that its a glowing report and you are rocking the world with all that we know you are capable of. 

I’m so sorry that the world has let you down so far in life.  If it were my choice things would have been different. 

Your dad (if even for only 5 months),

P.S. I don’t know when or how you will find this, but this is the first post directed toward you.  It will not be the last.  There will be days when I am thinking of you and I will send a shout out to you.  I’m so sad for me, but it is nothing in comparison to what I feel for you.


December 19. 2016 04:18

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