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Netflix and Silverlight

January 20, 2009 03:00 by ckincincy

So during some down times I will open up Netflix and watch a movie or documentary that they allow for watching online.

Opened up IE as it never supported Firefox, hit play then got this error:


Microsoft DRM software error
Your Microsoft Digital Rights Management software is not working properly and needs to be reset.

What?  I’ve done this how many times?

So I did a search and found this guy having the same error, with no real fix.  So I called up Netflix and was told that I was on the old Windows Media Player, player and that I needed to upgrade to their Silverlight player.  They gave me these steps to follow.

1.       Go to the opt-in page (http://www.netflix.com/silver)
2.       Read hardware requirements and conditions and click the "Get the new player" button
3.       Browse to the Watch Instantly tab, select a movie title, and click the play button
4.       Click Install Now to install the Silverlight plug-in (if you have not already installed)
5.       Congratulations and enjoy your movie!

After doing this, I thought about it… Silverlight can play in Firefox, so why can’t I now watch this in Firefox? Turns out I can!

So if you are on Netflix, make sure you have the latest player by going to the link above.

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