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Cincinnati SQL User Group – Powershell

January 10, 2009 23:22 by ckincincy

My buddy and I took time this month to visit the Cincinnati SQL user group.  This months meeting was on PowerShell and managing servers.  I don’t really go to these meetings for the social aspect of them, I mainly go to learn things if the topic interest me.  PowerShell is such a product.  It is getting great press, but I don’t know much about it.  The presenter was Arie Jones.  Arie seems to have a vast bit of knowledge.

When I go to the SQL groups I tend to try to hide my .NET trade as there is some heat between DBA’s and programmers because programmers are having to take on more and more of a DBA role, thus costing DBA’s their jobs in smaller to medium sized companies.  However that effort was blown out of the water when Arie asked who were some of the developers in the room, me and my buddy were it.  Then he proceeded to call us out several times throughout the meeting.

So I was dreading the after presentation meal, as now our secret was out. However I have to give the guys credit.  They were very friendly and willing to share their knowledge with us.  A few of their upcoming meetings seem worthwhile to visit, and I think I’ll continue to make the trip.


March 2. 2009 11:22

Glad you enjoyed the meeting. I saw your friends blog entry here today as well. Just know that I wasn't calling you out to make an example or whatever. I am a developer as well as a DBA so I like to push people to use new technologies from their standpoint. Doesn't do you much good to learn only the DBA side or only the .NET side of the house anymore. I constantly harp on the DBA crowds by asking them how many program in .NET.
BTW Love the license plate! It had me rolling!


Arie Jones |

March 2. 2009 11:43

Smile Arie, I didn't mean the calling out in a negative light.  Was just joking about it a bit.

Agree fully with the rest of your comments.

ckincincy |

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