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February 19, 2008 19:30 by ckincincy

titleWent to my first ever .NET Users Group here in Cincinnati.  I've been monitoring this group from a distance for sometime, just haven't taken the time to attend a meeting (even when I worked 10 minutes from their location) previously.  However, a co-worker of mine wanted to attend and with her being a bit of a n00b I told her I'd accompany her to the meeting.

Going into it I knew an old friend of mine was going to be there from his blog, but was pleasantly surprised to see another friend as well.  The three of us used to go to church together, I've since moved on from that church, but they still attend.  It was good to touch base with some old friends.

The topic of discussion was on source safe solutions.  Kind of dry in the fact that while source safe is critical in an IT environment, its hard to cover a whole 90 minutes on the topic.  The panel did a great job though.

I think I may try to make this a regular thing... time will tell.

You should at least give it a try.


February 20. 2008 21:43

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