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How To Lose Your Job

December 8, 2008 05:51 by ckincincy

I worked real hard to lose my job on Friday, and I'll share with you as well.

Step 1: Stand in Line

Step 2: Donate some money to St. Jude.

Step 3: Call the bosses wife over... and shove a couple pies in her face.

Pie Throw 108

Now, she would have been safe had she not prank called me two days before.

Step 4: Call the boss over... and shove a couple of pies in his face.

Pie Throw 111

Step 5: Call both owners of your company over... and shove a couple pies in their face.

Pie Throw 113

Now my politically leaning ways are known. So just before I pied the owners, they both yelled Obama!  Yes I Can, Yes I Did.


So that is how you lose your job in a matter of minutes, but unbelievably I'm still employed!

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