It's Microsoft's World, and I'm just living in it
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It's Vista Dummy

April 24, 2008 16:09 by ckincincy

So the news out of Wall Street is that they are disappointed about Microsoft's financial numbers.

You read the article and they try to blame it on new pc sales.

I've got news for them, its all because of Vista... dummy.  I am a huge M$ supporter.  They have treated me very well in life.  The M$ technologies have made my professional life very good.  I love XP.  I even loved my Vista Business edition, but the bottom line is that Vista is a HUGE failure.  A failure similar to Windows ME and XP pre-SP1. 

I'm hesitant to buy a new PC with Vista on it.  I'd NEVER upgrade a PC to Vista.    I'd be more likely install Windows Server 2008 or 2003 before I'd even think about installing Vista.

Hopefully the next version of Windows is done right, M$ generally needs periods like this to get their game on.  And what I get from the community of Microsoft Developers is a huge turn around in how they do business in regards to developer tools, and the better the developers tools the better the operating system and applications that run on it.

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