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Facebook Security 101

November 13, 2011 10:22 by ckincincy

Last night I got a notification that a friend has posted on my wall.  It was an explicit video. 

I know this particular friend well enough to know that his account was compromised so I sent him a text message and worked with him to clean up his account.

So how do you stop this?

1. Have a strong password.  “Clarence1” would meet most “strong” password requirements because it has an uppercase letter, and a number.  But look at that… is that secure?  You’ll actually find that a non-sense sentence is better to use: ISeeAYellowMoon is pretty hard to crack.

2. Make sure your security settings on Facebook are correct.

Go to the top right hand corner and hit the drop down and go to “account settings.”

Then go to the left hand side and hit “Security.”


  • Enable Secure browsing.
  • Enable Login Notifications.  This will let you know when new devices connect to your account.
  • Enable “Login Approvals.”  For this to work you need to verify your cell phone and email are correct within Facebook.  This will send you a six digit code that you have to enter when a new device tries to connect to your account.

This is a good set of basic steps you can take to protect your account and avoid the problems my friend had last night.

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