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Can you help me with IE 6 Stats?

December 13, 2009 16:45 by ckincincy

I am always looking for a way to justify dropping support for IE 6 as a web developer.  Generally, for small projects, I won’t officially support a browser less than 10% of market share unless the client requires otherwise.  I never waist my time on browsers that are less than 5%.  I just have better things to spend my time on, and I don’t feel bad that Safari decides to render differently than the other major browsers. 

I code to standards and don’t want to go down the rabbit hole of supporting EVERY browser’s unique issues.

Yesterday Michael Wood mentioned that IE 6 was really starting to trail in use.  So I went looking at my stats and was stunned to see how far it had fallen. 

So can you help?  If you would send me your website and browser usage I would appreciate it.  You can comment below, or email me.  If you want your site to remain anonymous, just let me know.

I am looking for the following information:

Top 3 to 5 browser brands (IE, Firefox, Safari, etc..).  Then top browsers by version:

IE 8, IE 7, FireFox, IE 6, etc…  With the percentages.



December 15. 2009 15:20

The population distributions of your own sites makes all the difference. What is interesting to me is the time it took IE5 to disappear after IE7 came out. 2.5 years for people hitting w3c that are already biased towards tech. So, by the same token, IE8 has just got through its first year we will have IE6 at least into mid 2011.


Ed Sumerfield |

December 15. 2009 17:50

You are correct Ed.  That is why I'd never use W3schools.com as an example.  Any site with that break down is not accurate.

I think for enterprise level solutions, 5% is the breaking point and I'd charge the client a fee to support IE 6.  For small business solutions, IE 6 should be dead.

ckincincy |

December 28. 2009 00:50

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