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Uninstalling Oracle 10g

November 28, 2009 04:35 by ckincincy

I’ve spent my professional career on several types of databases, from the basic Access database to Microsoft SQL.  My current job is my first interaction with Oracle, and I can say that it is a learning experience!

My first issue with Oracle had to do with installed references for .NET.  I had version 11g, and 10.1g installed… however I required 10.2 to be installed.    Now I will readily admit some full ignorance with some of this, but the bottom line is that I needed to uninstall 11g and 10.1.  After much stumbling around I finally got them uninstalled, but there were remnants left on the box that messed up any reinstallation.

After some searching I found a great web page that ran down the changes I needed to make on my system to start fresh.

[Referenced article in PDF form]

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December 1. 2009 19:56

Oracle is a pain in the rear...  intentionally made difficult so the admins can claim to be smarter than the rest...  Who needs those GUI tools anyway?!

Chris |

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