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Book Review – The Well-Behaved Child

October 7, 2009 19:10 by ckincincy

image This is the second installment in my book review program with Thomas Nelson publishing. 

I had originally chosen a different book, but it had printing issues and they sent me this one instead.  I am very grateful for this change of plans.

I had never heard of John Rosemond before this book, so I had no idea what to expect.  It turns out that John Rosemond is the anti-psychologist psychologist.  Much of his book is based round his fundamental belief that psychologist have screwed up America’s children and over medicated them. 

Now out of full disclosure, one of my children go to a therapist almost weekly.  She is not my biological child and she has a heavy and damaging history. 

I found myself in 80 to 90 percent agreement with much of this book.  However I am a firm believer that drugs have their place in some treatment.  I do think we over medicate our children in a grand fashion, but that doesn’t mean they should be avoided 100%. 

Back to the book.  The author goes into pretty good detail what bad behavior is and how to treat them.  With sections devoted to some of the most common problems. 

If you have good children, buy this book.  If you have bad children, buy this book.  It is crammed full of practical wisdom.  Again, for full disclosure, this is a Christian book at its core.  But even the non-Christian would find this book very good.  It builds on Christian principals and is not a selling pitch for the Christian faith.

Great children don’t happen by accident, and I’ll  even say bad children don’t happen by accident as well.  There is an important role that parents need to play and for far to long parents have vacated those roles.

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