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Fearless by Max Lucado

September 7, 2009 21:05 by ckincincy

imageAs mentioned in my prior post, I will be doing the occasional book review on this site.  I am a member of the Thomas Nelson Blogger Book review program.

For many of my blog readers the name Max Lucado means nothing to you.  He is a well written Christian author who has a very identifiable style to his writing.  This book did not disappoint.  It focuses on Max Lucado’s specialty and that is talking about the grace of God.  This book goes over a new kind of fear in each chapter from the fear of screwing up your children, to the fear of God being mad at you. 

What it doesn’t aim to offer is a lot of practical pointers.  Its focus is more on encouraging one to rely more on God and not be fearful of the given topic. 

I will say that if you need some encouragement due to the recent economic downturn or job uncertainties, this isn’t a bad read.

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