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Fighting Spam Comments in DotNetBlogEngine.Net

March 28, 2009 08:28 by ckincincy

DotNetBlogEngine.NET (DNBE) has many extensions and managers to fight comment spam, but no matter what happens the spammers seem to be one step ahead of the automated system available to us. 

So I went back to a static extension from Chris Blankenship. After looking at it, I determined I wanted to add a few more fields to statically block comments.  Thus Comment Blacklister 2.0 is born. 

I have taken his extension and added the ability to block commenter’s by email, IP, and web url. 

Nothing special about it.  Download the zip file and put the CS file into your App_Code folder, then manage it through the Extension Manager.

Just for reference here is the other main comment spam extension I use, though as a stand alone it is not enough.

Download Commentor Blacklist 2.0.


September 22. 2009 04:22

Blog spam has been a massive frustration for me over the last few months thankfully I found this so I didn't have to write anything myself. Installed in seconds and I blocked the offending IP....no more spam! Thanks!

Paul Smith |

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