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Visual Studio Tips and Tricks

January 29, 2009 03:00 by ckincincy

Ran across this post a while a go, figured I’d share.  It is 11 Tips for Visual Studio.  Take a moment and go over to Stephen Walther’s site for an explanation of them.  I really like number 1 and 4.  I already knew 6, 7, and 11.

Tip #1 – You don’t need to select a line to copy or delete it

Tip #2 – You can add a namespace automatically by pressing CTRL-.

Tip #3 – Never create properties by hand

Tip #4 – You can remove and sort unnecessary using statements

Tip #5 – Use CTRL-k+c to comment out code

Tip #6 – You can close all documents except the current one

Tip #7 – You can open a database by double-clicking the database file in App_Data

Tip #8 – You can copy a file or folder into a project by dragging and dropping

Tip #9 – Use CTRL-SPACE to perform statement completion

Tip #10 – Add new items by pressing CTRL-N or CTRL-SHIFT+A

Tip #11 – You don’t need to type file extensions when adding a file

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