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How to tech support friends and family...

January 6, 2009 00:00 by ckincincy

Well any geek can certainly relate to being the guy that people call when things go south on their computer.

A few years back I came across a post on LifeHacker that fits the bill perfectly. 

I could go on and on about how to do this, but the audience for this blog is fairly technical so I'm going to just link you to the article and let you figure it out.  If you need help, don't hesitate to ask.

How to Reverse VNC.

In case that page gets deleted, you can see my printout of that page here.

How do you help your relatives?

Though when researching this post, I found this alternative (and possibly better) fix.

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January 8. 2009 09:10

Is there a way to avoid providing tech support to friends and family? I get calls all the time - and I HATE it!

Alexander Fowler |

January 9. 2009 05:45

Well... I know the obvious way.

'Sorry I can't help you'


ckincincy |

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