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Windows Live Writer 2008

December 27, 2008 18:43 by ckincincy

windowslivewriter2008I run two blogs, and if you've ever run a blog you know that one of the biggest headaches is using the built in HTML editor to make a post. 

In comes probably the best software Microsoft has ever released, Windows Live Writer.  gives you advanced controls so you can make a nice looking blog post with ease.  It works with many blog platforms, including the one this blog is built on (DotNetBlogEngine.Net).

I am actually posting this with their new version, Windows Live Writer 2009 – Release Candidate, but there is at least one issue with DotNetBlogEngine.net.  I have submitted the bug to both the WLW team and the DNBE team.  However their old version is perfectly functional, so when you visit the site go to the right side bar and download the stable version, or be ready to uninstall their current version in favor of their stable version. I know a lot of techies are weary of Microsoft Products, but trust me on this one... its an incredible piece of software and worth the risk.


January 15. 2009 10:21

As much as I love WLW I still get frustrated when it won't update the theme data from my blog.  So when I create a new post I don't get to see the theme until I post a draft to the site...

Chris |

January 15. 2009 10:26

With 2009 the theme loaded.  I just had to hit 'preview' to see it as it would look on my live blog.

ckincincy |

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