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Easily Switching Profiles in Thunderbird

November 13, 2008 15:42 by ckincincy

In my effort to migrate to my more professional domain I needed to setup a new profile in my email client of choice, Thunderbird.  Many other clients have this built in, but unbelievably Thunderbird does not. 

Thankfully there is a plug-in to make it happen.

After you install the plug-in you will see the following menu option:


Now what is great about all of this is you can actually have multiple identities open at once.  When you select a new identity to open up you get the following dialog box:


So why do this and not just have all my emails checked from one profile?  To make 100% sure that when I want to email somebody from OCDProgrammer.com with my OCDProgrammer.com signature, I do.


November 13. 2008 15:43

I am testing an extension I've written.  Nothing to see here Smile

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