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Develop for Standards

February 24, 2008 19:33 by ckincincy

We are on the verge of two more browsers being released, IE8 and FF 3.  I've tested FF3 (as it was very easy to install without screwing up my current configurations), and have read up on IE8.  Both are aiming to be standards complient, FF 3 currently passes the Acid test, and IE 8 is reported to pass it.

Now here is the issue, IE 8 is not standard by default, you have to add a meta tag to your website saying it is compliant.  The thought is that they didn't want the web broken by the new browser.  

So here is my call to all developers... break the stinking web.  When you develop a site, make it 100% compliant to the standards and let the users stuck on old software deal with it.  We need to stop having to create hacks to work with the various versions of web browsers.

When I started out many years ago working in ASP I used GoLive; which my coworkers and I had two bits of fun with:
1. Had this saying: Be like Jesus, save often.
2. Called it GoDead due to its many crashes.

But GoLive was not standard compliant at all.  Now that I do my development in Visual Studio I make sure that all my sites are standard compliant.  So they should render perfectly in the new browsers.

But for those of you who develop websites, I repeat my plea: BREAK THE WEB. 


February 25. 2008 15:55

Since you're coding in Visual Studio, you should check out the Heroes Happen Here launch events. VS 2008 will be debuted, there will be experts on hand to answer all questions, and you'll get a free version of the software for attending.

Fred Reckling
Microsoft 2008 Joint Launch Team

FredatMicrosoft |

February 25. 2008 16:35

Unfortunately it is full in Columbus... otherwise I had planned on going.

ckincincy |

June 10. 2008 12:52

I knew if I kept with my trend of breaking things the trend would come back in style.

Rob |

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