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Added Extension to Blog

February 23, 2008 13:39 by ckincincy

Being a writer of two extensions for the DotNetBlogEngine I've honestly not installed any non standard extensions on my site... until now.

As  you notice there are some  links inserted at the bottom of each of my post, these are some social bookmarking sites that a lot of folks use.  I honestly don't, but I do know that a lot of people do.

With all that being said Danny Douglas wrote an extension that does this for me.  So if you run DotNetBlogEngine and want to have the links on your site then go check out his extension. 


August 3. 2008 04:34

The pain with social bookmarking tools is that you can't submit to several sites all at once.  If you could I think they would be used more.  I actually installed the ShareThis Tool bar ( I use the ShareThis Javascript widget for my blog ) to help me social bookmark to mulitple sites easier, but it started making ie7 crash every time I closed a tab, so I unistalled it.

To really take advantage of social bookmarking, you need to be active on the sites you bookmark to.  For Example, at MyBlogLog you'll build a community of friends.  If you bookmark good content, people will pay attention to it and begin to grow an appreciation for the common interests they share with you.  That in turn leads to more people visiting you blog or web site to see what you personally have to say .

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