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January 29, 2008 03:00 by ckincincy

Made a change to the blog about a week ago, upgraded my blog engine to the latest version which fixed a few bugs that I knew about. If you need a good .NET based blog, I HIGHLY recommend DotNetBlogEngine.net.  I've tried many .net blogs and this is by far the best there is.

But the more significant change was implementing a feature in the BlogEngine, the ability to subscribe to the comments of this blog.

So you can have two feeds delivered to your RSS feed reader, one being the site feed and the other being the comment feed

What's a feed you ask?  Basically if you visit my site to read it, you are wasting valuable time!  Go to Google Reader, create an account and start adding feeds to it.  Then you go to that site to read this blog (and any other number of blogs) at one central location.  I read about 100 blogs a day it is how I grow spiritually, technically, and stay in tune with politics.

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