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Upgraded to BlogEngine.Net 1.3

January 1, 2008 14:57 by ckincincy

I've recently upgraded to BlogEngine.NET version 1.3.  As I generally stay somewhat update with the beta fixes and such not a whole lot of new features for me.  But the good thing is that it works pretty well.   This version did have some Windows Live Writer support and supposed fixes in it for me, so it was my motivation for taking the time to upgrade. 

To the credit of the developers the WLW support was better, but I found a bug.  On my LifeBlog I generally write a lot of post well in advance of them showing up (as of this post I have content for the next week scheduled to appear)... so I have to set a future date.  Previously the API for this assumed local time and it should hve assumed UTC time (which is spec).  So that was in there, however the new code would adjust the time for the server offset and then my post would be off by three hours.  The new code wasn't taking into account that the post.saving method would also adjust the time and that function is global, and should win in this issue.

As of this post they haven't applied the patch, but you can read it about on the issue tracker and apply the fix yourself

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