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Backing up a fresh install of Windows

December 24, 2007 09:18 by ckincincy

So now that I have my system setup and configure, I wanted to back it up so the next time I can just restore an image to my hard drive instead of having to reinstall everything.

Done a bit of searching and found this LifeHacker posting.  Upon going to DriveImage XML's website I saw a reference to working with BartPE's product (did I mention free?).  BartPE is a bootable version of Windows XP (assuming you have install files for a version of Windows XP to create the CD with).  Drive Image XML is a lot like Norton Ghost in that it allows you to back your hard drive up to an image and then restore that image at a later date.  Adding the two products together gives me a CD that I can pop into my cd drive and then restore the image saved on my external hard drive to my notebook hard drive.  So in the future restoring my old status should take just a few hours, and that includes everything being installed and activated.  

These two products aren't for the novice, but if you find yourself wanting to restore your PC every so often, this is the product for you.


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