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Finally getting a page rank

November 23, 2007 18:11 by ckincincy

I've been working on two sites over the past few months, this one and http://www.bataviachurch.org.  I've been waiting for Google to finally update its page rank and acknowledge the sites exist and finally they have registered.

The root of this site has a 2/10 and most personal sites will run in the 2 to 4 range, and Batavia's website is up to 3/10 and most church websites will run in the 3 to 4 range.  So that means the SEO stuff I do is on track.  Now time to work on full content for BCC's site.Then I'll wait for the two new sub directories of this site to kick in (my life blog and tech blog).

But for the record this site took about 5 months which isn't to bad considering how much I've messed with it over those 5 months and BCC's took around 3. 

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