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BlogEngine Extension - Quick Links

November 7, 2007 18:42 by ckincincy

I have developed a new extension for the dotnetblogengine.net platform.  This feature will replace certain key words with a link to a site you specify.  I have named it "Quick Links", and using it is rather easy.

After following the README.txt file in the zip file you will see a new tab in your administrative section of your site.

In that page you can specify what words to replace with what links.  For example, I have specified the short cut bcc to be replaced with a link to my church.

The syntax for this would look like: [bcc]Visit my church[/bcc].  I have not installed this on my public blog yet, so this is not a short cut :-)

So download it for yourself! 

QuickLinks.zip (5.41 kb)

One quick note to make is that this will account for some human error but not all.  If you have the following post, with the entry above:

Visit [bcc]my church.

This will not be replaced with a link due to the lack of a closing tag.  However if you have this:

Visit [bcc]my church or some other [some other link]church[/some other link].  But I would prefer if you visit [bcc]my church[/bcc].  

The extension will wrap a link from the first bcc to the last /bcc.  But the middle link would mess it up a bit and the rendering is up to your browser.  So be careful!



November 7. 2007 22:02

I like the elephant ;)

Thanks for the extension I can't wait to take a look at it and use it.  This is actually something that will come in REAL handy.

anon |

November 8. 2007 06:35

Very nice! I was looking for a way to add settings page to the admin panel - I think I found one.


rtur |

November 28. 2007 22:48

Very nice!  Aside from the really cool ability of creating the links, you made it even better by adding it to the management page.

Something I am curious about...  Could an extension be created that could look for specific words or phrases and then automatically create the link?  It could be configured using the exact same console that you already created...

For example, if I wanted to make sure that whenever ocdprogrammer was mentioned it would be automatically replaced with <a href="www.ocdprogrammer.com">ocdprogrammer</a>...

Seem possible?  I've never written an extension but maybe I'll look into it.

Chris Blankenship |

November 29. 2007 04:47

Yep, very possible.  Actually had one written that did this a while ago.

If you can wait a weekend I'll generate this up over the next few days.

ckincincy |

December 4. 2007 09:18

Trackback from RTur.net

Let Extension Manager manage settings

RTur.net |

December 31. 2007 02:55

Pingback from dotnetblogengine.net


dotnetblogengine.net |

March 30. 2008 07:42

Works great, thanks! but can i mad it to be automadic? i don't want to type in the code manuale

Tcip |

March 30. 2008 10:17

By code are you referring to the [bcc][/bcc] part?  If so, you should check out my QuickerLinks extension.

ckincincy |

May 19. 2008 05:44

Nice extension, thanks. I´ll give it a try


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