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Get my blog via email

October 31, 2007 20:19 by ckincincy

First, credit where credit is due.


Apparently Feedburner allows you (as in YOU) to be sent my post via Email.  Not everybody gets this whole blogging thing, in reality there is no reason for you to visit my site to read my blog.  And if you are on a computer you understand email, so go ahead and subscribe to my blog via email!  This is probably one of the very few features on the web that just blow me away. 

I'll add a link to the left here soon with this ability as well. 

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November 1. 2007 06:10

Thanks for the mention!

Chris Luebbe |

November 10. 2007 07:06

Hey, CK. I tried using the form as well, but couldn't get it to work, so I just went with the link. Maybe I'll give it another go.

Did you just add the code FeedBurner gave you or did you have to tweak it?

Chris Luebbe |

November 10. 2007 07:09

I had to tweak it, couldn't get it to work with their code.  I will post a new post here in a few minutes (hopefully, otherwise it will be this evening) with the how to on this.

ckincincy |

November 10. 2007 07:24

Here is the post.

ckincincy |

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