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TODO list in Visual Studio 2005

October 30, 2007 06:53 by ckincincy

When programming, you sometimes need to make a comment for something to do later.  Visual Studio has a cool feature in this regard.

When you type a comment: //TODO:  Some comment here.

You can view that list from your IDE.

Just go to View-> Task List. 

Now another neat feature here is you can actually have custom ones as well //ADDWEBSVC: Some comment here.

Just go to Tools->Options->Task List and add your option.  Works like a charm!

Credit goes here.


November 1. 2007 05:57

Nice...didn't know you had a tech blog, too. <subscribe/>

Chris Luebbe |

November 1. 2007 06:01

Its new.  Still trying to get in the habit of putting content together for it.  The life blog is so much easier because it is just my thoughts... I actually have to put post together for this one Smile

ckincincy |

November 1. 2007 06:13

I'm with you on that one. Good luck.

Chris Luebbe |

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