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Top Referrals User Control

September 12, 2008 03:00 by ckincincy

So Chris Blankenship, maker of many DotNetBlogEngine extensions has done it again.

He created one that shows the top referrals to your site.  He did it in such a great way, allowing for many aspects of it to be specific to your setup.  From the width of the columns to the number of items to show.

You can see my top referrals down the left column.

Why do you visit my site??

September 2, 2008 03:00 by ckincincy

So looking at my stats I see I get a lot of visitors from my site.  Many more than I am aware of (and I'm aware of enough...).  But did you know you can save yourself some time and still get to read my blog?  There are two ways, one more technical than the other. 

1. Get emailed my post.  Everyday about 7AM there is a service I use that will email you the previous day's post. Its that easy.  Just click this link and fill out the information.  You'll start getting the post tomorrow.

2. RSS Feeds.  This is a bit technical in nature, but there are programs out there that will allow you to follow any site that supports RSS (like this one, or any podcast, or virtually any blog).  If you fall into this category (ie you read several blogs contact me and I'll walk you through the process. Just ask my buddy Brian Richard about how much time it saves you to use an RSS reader. Now one added benefit to this in regard to my site is that not only can you get notified of the new post, but also the comments on each post.  My two RSS feeds are:

Post Feed.
Comment Feed.

So as you can see there is really no need for you to come to my site most of the time.  The only time you need to come is when you want to read the comments (if you choose option 1) or when you want to make a comment.

Link to your site?

January 31, 2008 07:35 by ckincincy

Well I've always avoided this a bit, but I am going to finally add a 'blog roll' like area to my site.  So the question is, which sites should I put there?

Now I know this blog has at least one link to it,  and I will give those sites higher consideration when I build my blog roll.

But what is your site?  I'll take a look at it and if I like it a lot (if I don't link to you, don't get upset :-), I'll link to it.   AND you'll get a free link here as well. 

Site Updates

January 29, 2008 03:00 by ckincincy

Made a change to the blog about a week ago, upgraded my blog engine to the latest version which fixed a few bugs that I knew about. If you need a good .NET based blog, I HIGHLY recommend DotNetBlogEngine.net.  I've tried many .net blogs and this is by far the best there is.

But the more significant change was implementing a feature in the BlogEngine, the ability to subscribe to the comments of this blog.

So you can have two feeds delivered to your RSS feed reader, one being the site feed and the other being the comment feed

What's a feed you ask?  Basically if you visit my site to read it, you are wasting valuable time!  Go to Google Reader, create an account and start adding feeds to it.  Then you go to that site to read this blog (and any other number of blogs) at one central location.  I read about 100 blogs a day it is how I grow spiritually, technically, and stay in tune with politics.

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Finally getting a page rank

November 23, 2007 18:11 by ckincincy

I've been working on two sites over the past few months, this one and http://www.bataviachurch.org.  I've been waiting for Google to finally update its page rank and acknowledge the sites exist and finally they have registered.

The root of this site has a 2/10 and most personal sites will run in the 2 to 4 range, and Batavia's website is up to 3/10 and most church websites will run in the 3 to 4 range.  So that means the SEO stuff I do is on track.  Now time to work on full content for BCC's site.Then I'll wait for the two new sub directories of this site to kick in (my life blog and tech blog).

But for the record this site took about 5 months which isn't to bad considering how much I've messed with it over those 5 months and BCC's took around 3. 

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New look and feel phase one

November 4, 2007 19:41 by ckincincy

Well I took the theme on my site and have customized it.  Take a look and let me know what you think. Phase two is for me to add widgets and such to the site (first up is to make it easy for folks to subscribe via email).
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