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Supporting Mitt Romney

October 14, 2012 20:16 by ckincincy

I’m a conservative.  I don’t hide that at all.  I’ve given my support of Mitt Romney a lot of thought.

He was not my favorite Republican candidate this year.  In fact I’d say he was pretty far down on my personal list.  He has been a politician with very liberal views.  However I think a lot of that was more to get elected in Massachusetts than him having a real belief in those views.  Call that slimy all you want, I’d not argue against that charge.  I would say that it is no different than what Obama has done in his political career.  When it makes a good political gain to hold an extreme left view, he will hold it.  When it makes good for him to have a centrist view, he will hold it. 

Why I like Romney is very simple.  We, as a nation, are broke.  I think Romney’s business experience is exactly what we need.  I think he will make decisions based on what is best for the national economy, even fighting China.  Though the immediate reaction to that from the left is that while he was at Bain he shipped jobs overseas.  Okay… that was him doing his job.  He had to save companies and that meant finding cheaper labor for these companies.  As president his job will be to create American jobs and that means equaling the parameters along the fight.  Something I don’t hide is that the job I do, puts people out of work.  The job Romney did, put people out of work.  In most cases we put people out of work to save a company money.  When I create a website that immediately takes 10% of a companies business online, less call center reps are needed.  When I write a process to automate the shipping and sorting of a product, less workers are needed to complete that process. It is what technology has done.  To fault Romney for that is, in my opinion, a poor argument.   This is “creative destruction” and the US economy is built on it.

What I’ve said to friends and family over the past few months is that I believe Romney reminds me a lot of what I hear about Reagan.  Reagan was before my time, I was 10 when he finished being our president.  All that I know about him is from documentaries.

What I know about him is that he had a tendency to be liberal in nature.  Democrats claim that he wouldn’t make it in todays Republican party and I tend to believe that.  Reagan, over the course of his presidency became a very conservative man and I believe the same will happen with Romney.  What I think the mix will do is what happened with Reagan.  He ran away with the election in 1984.

But the first step is November 2012, can’t have a run away election in 2016 without a win in 2012.  Time will tell.

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My two cents

January 9, 2011 15:32 by ckincincy

So yesterday a tragedy in our country happened.  A congress women was shot and killed.  I think it is justifiable to veer off path of the usual technical nature of this blog and say a few things.

I’m a conservative.  I don’t call myself a Republican, though that is basically the only people I’ll vote for.  There are, however, Republicans I won’t vote for so that’s why I don’t call myself one. 

Immediately after yesterdays shooting it was quickly blamed on Sarah Palin and other Tea Party members.  I found that sad and troubling.  But that is not the focus on this blog.

A contact tweeted a link to an article on the subject of mental health that I think is worth reading.  It was fairly, fair and balanced. 

The main guy that has been talking about this from an official stand point is Chief Clarence Dupnik.  He holds what can safely be categorized as a liberals point of view on guns, so he has been getting a lot of press from folks of that leaning.  Today he was giving his update and near the very end of a press conference he said something that I alluded to on Facebook to another friend of mine.  I am paraphrasing:

“Back when I was a beat cop in the early 60’s when we had issues with people like this we were able to put them into an institution that kept them off the streets.  However, now we just let them run the streets.”

When I was finishing my bachelors degree I had to take a 9 credit course on US history.  A very big part of this was the 1960’s and this very point.  The point made in the class was that in the 60’s psychiatrist and other medical professionals shifted from these institutions to medical help outside of being institutionalized.  So we went from these people being fairly segregated and “cared for” (I put this in quotations, because there was a lot of abuse in this setup) to them running the streets. 

Then in a conversation Maggie Longshore said “we need to make mental health available, affordable & accessible – more important than physical health for society.”

The problem with this is that there are a LOT, A WHOLE LOT of services available.  I am a foster parent, so I am exposed to a lot of these services over and over again. The problem is that these people aren’t healthy enough to go get the help.  In my situation the mentally unstable people happen to have children and that got them identified. That is where the “institutionalization” of people by the cops came into play in the 60’s.  We have the resources and availability.. we just need to do better as a society to identify these people and get them into places that will get help for them.  We have to stop pretending that everybody is OK and all opinions are equal and such.  If a person is claiming that the government is using mind control to control them… they aren’t healthy and they need help.  To pretend otherwise is ignoring a real issue.

Yesterday was a tragedy.  We can turn it into a positive and tone down the rhetoric a bit (just think of the attacks on Palin and Obama) and learn from this situation to identify people like this.  Or we can make it a political “win” for “our party” and contribute to the rhetoric that many are blaming for this issue.

November 2 Elections

October 31, 2010 16:54 by ckincincy

Though this is a technical blog, I do believe it is our American duty to vote.  This kind of post is a rarity, so if it turns you off of this blog.  Just breath and relax, it’s a rarity.  If the fact that I’m a staunch conservative turns you off of this blog… good bye, and be a responsible voter and go research your candidates.

So, I try to be an informed voter.  I actually take the time to see who I will vote for.  Now, unfortunately, my job is made pretty easy in cutting out half of the candidates right off the bat.  So my research is to primarily see if there is a Republican I wont’ vote for.

I’ll never vote for a Democrat.  A party that is pro-abortion by default is a non-starter for me.  Enough said about that, now onto the meat of the post.

I started off by going to my local elections board website and grab my browser.  Some were easy, some I had to research.

1. Governor: I’ll be voting for Kasich/Taylor.  Ted Strickland has been an awful governor, and next years deficit is HUGE because of this.  Kasich has seemed to say the right things and I hope he can turn things around in the state of Ohio.  This is also critical for the state of Ohio because the 2010 census has resulted in Ohio losing two congressional districts.  So the party in control of the Ohio house, senate, and governorship get to lead this effort.  Obviously the party in control will redraw the lines in their favor. 

2. Attorney General: I’ll be voting for Mike Dewine.  Mike Dewine has contiously voted in ways I agree with over his long political career. Cordray has shown that he is in over his head in this office.  He needs to go.  I’d really hope that even Democrats can admit he has dropped the ball.

3. State Auditor: I’ll be voting for Dave Yost.  Yost doesn’t raise any red flags, unlike his opponent David Pepper.  Pepper was a democrat on the Cincinnati City Council which is enough to know… to not vote for him.

4. Secretary of State: I’ll be voting for Mandel.  Honestly I can’t tell you why, relative new comer without much history.  But that being said, I found nothing to give me pause.  Liberals seem to hate him, so that makes me smile.

5. Senator: I’ll be voting for Rob Portman.  Rob Portman his a through and through conservative.  Lee Fisher, is part of the leading duo who has helped lose 400,000 jobs. 

6. Congress: I’ll be voting for Jean Schmidt.  I don’t like her, really.  But she votes, the vast majority of the time, how I’d like my representative to vote.  I’d love for a strong primary challenge to get her out of office.

7. State Representative.  I’ll not be voting.  Joe Uecker has been in office too long.  Time for him to go.  I’ve shared emails with him regarding concerns I have about certain legal rulings and he errors on the side of the government knows best.  No thanks.

8. Clermont County Commissioner: I’ll be voting for Archie Wilson.  Look at our county, even with the down turn we’ve done alright.  We’ve lost Ford and had other economic blows, but the county didn’t end up in dire straits.  He deserves some credit for that.

9. Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court: I’ll be voting for Maureen O’Connor.  Let me be very clear, judges have one and only one criteria to earn my vote.  Abortion.  While she was recently knocked down a notch by the Ohio Right to Life PAC, she still is the preferred candidate.

10 Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court: I’ll be voting for Judith Lanzinger.  Same as Maureen O’Connor.

11. Clermont County Common Pleas: I’ll be voting for Richard Ferenc.  Solid conservative.  Kenneth Zuk on the other hand, appointed by Ted Strickland… so it can’t be right.

12.  Issue 4, Fire and EMS: I’ll be voting no.  Are they really trying to raise taxes right now?  Really?  Tighten your belt like the rest of us.

13. Issue 5, Childrens Service Renewal. If there was ever a part of government that needs a season of belt tightening, its here.  I’ll be voting no.  They have cut, but at the wrong places.

14. Issue 6. Mental Health and Recovery Board.  See above.  I’ll be voting no. 

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