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Microsoft and Yahoo

February 4, 2008 17:12 by ckincincy

The big news is that Microosft has offered to buy Yahoo!  But Google isn't happy.... says it would be unfair if they combined.  Here is the problem with this, in this arena Microsoft isn't the big bad bully... Google is.  Microsoft and Yahoo just don't compete with Google in search.

My personal take is that the merger is a big yawn.  I rarely use Yahoo.  I use Live search when I remember to, kind of a dog food thing... M$ has provided me a generous life style with their products, so hard to be against it.  But what makes Google hard to compete with is its integration... I keep waiting for a LiveSearch tool bar for my firefox browswer and I'd certainly install it over my Google toolbar, but its just a habit of mine to goto that area of my browser to make a search.

FeedBurner Follow-up

December 6, 2007 19:11 by ckincincy

So yesterday I made a post saying that my Feedburner email was put in gMail's spam folder.

Was surprised to get an email in my inbox from a Google employee wanting me to send him the original email... had a thought later in the day to Google his name... Matt Shobe.  That's right, co-founder of Feedburner. 

Two thoughts came to mind:

1. Whoa... what in the world is he doing emailing little ole me?  He was co founder of a company sold for $100,000,000!  I don't know about you, but if I sell an idea for that... I'm retiring!  Or if I am working I am certainly not emailing 'customers' about issues.

2. Whoa... how'd he get my post??? Two thoughts... one heck of a data mining program to find stuff like that... no way he's reading my blog is he? 

Turns out that there are employee's that keep an eye out on mentions of what people are saying about FeedBurner... and my post was brought to his attention.

So he forwarded my issue onto an internal Google employee to stop the emails from being marked as spam.

Took advantage of the time to bring up another issue to him... one I'd really love to see fixed.  Time will tell. 

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Feedburner marked as spam by gMail!

December 5, 2007 20:49 by ckincincy

So over to the left I allow you to subscribe to my blog via email.  I have my gmail account subscribed so I can see it come through. However today I didn't get it, and I find the email in the spam folder!

The great irony here... Feedburner is a Google owned company!  You'd think of all places they white list their own companies would be high on that list.


Click to see larger image.

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Correct Google Maps

November 22, 2007 07:33 by ckincincy

Learned over on LifeHacker that you can now fix Google Maps.  It has always had where I live wrong, located down the street from me.  But now you can move the pin point marker 200 meters and it will show immediatly.  So I corrected my house:



Or you can use what has quickly become just a better offering, Microsoft's Live Maps.  And while my house is still located 'down the street' my house is actually on the map!  The image quality is a ton better on Live Maps and they have this "Bird's eye" view that appears to have been taken by a plane passing over.

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